The Fear 

'The Fear' premiere at the Pelham Picture House in Westchester NY. Joe Blute is 'Frankie Boy' in the film. Directed by Chris Raffaele, starring Mike Star (Dumb and Dumber), Saul Stein (The Deuce).


The Maestro 

'The Maestro' premiere at the 2018 Heartland Film Festival. Joe Blute is 'Lorenzo Castelnuovo-Tedesco' in the film. Directed by Adam Cushman, starring Kristen Gutoskie (Lethal Weapon), Xander Berkeley (The Walking Dead), Mackenzie Astin (The Magicians).


Mr. Reilly Premiere (Short) 

'Mr. Reilly' premiere at the 2017 Manhattan Film Festival. This marks the first film directed by Joe Blute, who is 'Young Man/Intern 2' in the film. Starring Ignacio 'Sean' Borderes (Into The Valli).


So You Wanna Be Cool (Short)  

'So You Wanna Be Cool' premiere in NYC. The first film produced and written by Joe Blute. He plays 'Drew' in the film. Directed by Peter Evangelista (Bully) and Joe Blute. Starring Yair Ben-Dor (Quantico), Morgan Hammel (Wink). 


Grandpa Arnold (Short) 

'Grandpa Arnold' premiere at 2016 Big House Shorts Festival in Los Angeles, CA. Joe Blute plays 'Kevin' in the short picture. Directed by Anatoliy Kim (I Did It For Me), starring Leticia Peres (The Nearest Human Being) and Alfred Rosenblatt (Creedmoria).

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